(Jason Ellison)

Ma, Ling, "Life Plans at 27"  (10-31-11)

Ma, Ling, "Dear Wigleaf"  (10-31-11)

Madigan, Conor, "As You Are"  (08-13-09)

Madigan, Conor, "Dear Wigleaf"  (08-13-09)

Machado, Carmen Maria, TWO STORIES  (04-05-13)

Machado, Carmen Maria, TWO STORIES  (04-05-13)

Maday, Josh, "The Joke"  (03-26-15)

Maday, Josh, "Dear Wigleaf"  (03-26-15)

Malone, Kendra Grant, "We Love You Very Much"  (03-25-09)

Malone, Kendra Grant, "Dear Wigleaf"  (03-25-09)

Malone, Sarah, "Inheritance"  (09-03-10)

Malone, Sarah, "Dear Wigleaf"  (09-03-10)

Malone, Sarah, "Don't You Read the Post?"  (11-13-10)

Maltz, Susannah, "Mythologies"  (10-01-14)

Mangla, Ravi, "Miracle Cake"  (10-21-08)

Mangla, Ravi, "Jupiter"  (09-24-09)

Mangla, Ravi, "Dear Wigleaf"  (09-24-09)

Mangla, Ravi, "Italia"  (01-01-13)

Mangla, Ravi, "Anamnesis"  (10-09-14)

Mangla, Ravi, "Oglers"  (09-14-15)

Mangla, Ravi, "Memento Mori"  (01-15-17)

Manickavel, Kuzhali, "How to Wear an Indian Village"  (02-09-09)

Manickavel, Kuzhali, "Dear Wigleaf"  (02-09-09)

Mann, Lucas, "Nondescript Love Story"  (03-11-12)

Marchant, Piers, "Deserve"  (01-27-09)

Marchant, Piers, "Dear Wigleaf"  (01-27-09)

Markovich, Alex, "Photos of Me in a Bikini"  (10-02-16)

Markovich, Alex, "Dear Wigleaf"  (10-02-16)

Martin, Megan, THREE STORIES  (02-26-12)

Martin, Megan, "Dear Wigleaf"  (02-26-12)

Martin, Megan, FOUR STORIES  (05-23-14)

Martin, Megan, "Dear Wigleaf"  (05-23-14)

Martinez, Lacey, "Never Say Et Cetera"  (02-18-11)

Martinez, Lacey, "Dear Wigleaf"  (02-18-11)

Martone, Sam, "Ferry Tale"  (12-08-14)

Martone, Sam, "Dear Wigleaf"  (12-08-14)

Masih, Tara, "Pietà"  (11-15-11)

Matthews, Rebekah, "I Promise to Never Fall in Love with a Stranger"  (08-18-14)

Matthews, Rebekah, "Dear Wigleaf"  (08-18-14)

Matthews, Rebekah, "Affirmation"  (12-20-16)

Matthews, Rebekah, "Dear Wigleaf"  (12-20-16)

Mauk, Courtney Elizabeth, "The Room"  (03-26-11)

Mauk, Courtney Elizabeth, "Dear Wigleaf"  (03-26-11)

McCarty, Susan, "The Last Night They Spend Together Before the Separation"  (10-17-10)

McCarty, Susan, "Dear Wigleaf"  (10-17-10)

McClory, Helen, "The Companion"  (03-01-16)

McClory, Helen, "Dear Wigleaf"  (03-01-16)

McGilligan, Clancy, "The Life We Want"  (01-26-17)

McGilligan, Clancy, "Dear Wigleaf"  (01-26-17)

McGlynn, Karyna, "My Movie-Making Workshop with Steve Guttenberg"  (02-05-08)

McGlynn, Karyna, "Steve Busts a Nut in the Flagship Jack-in-the-Box"  (04-13-08)

McQueen, LaTanya, "Tender Deaths"  (01-18-11)

McQueen, LaTanya, "Dear Wigleaf"  (01-18-11)

Megalos, Elena, "Mother"  (11-01-15)

Meacham, Rebecca, TWO STORIES  (09-25-13)

Meacham, Rebecca, "Dear Wigleaf"  (09-25-13)

Mentzer, Rob, "Stevie Gets a Tattoo"  (09-19-11)

Mentzer, Rob, "Dear Wigleaf"  (09-19-11)

Merill, Jay, "Look out Look In"  (03-07-15)

Merkner, Christopher, "First Beef"  (12-12-14)

Mesler, Corey, "Morey Cesler"  (03-23-08)

Mesler, Corey, "On the Way to the New Country"  (09-09-09)

Michalski, Jen, "Wildlife"  (12-26-10)

Michalski, Jen, "Dear Wigleaf"  (12-26-10)

Michaud, Hans, "Punched"  (09-21-10)

Mihok, Brian, "Sea Trout"  (02-12-11)

Mihok, Brian, "Dear Wigleaf"  (02-12-11)

Minichillo, John, "Sleep"  (05-16-10)

Minichillo, John, "Dear Wigleaf"  (05-16-10)

Minor, Kyle, "The Prerogatives of Posthumous Self-Improvement"  (04-28-10)

Minor, Kyle, "Dear Wigleaf"  (04-28-10)

Milks, Megan, "Juneteenth, Dulles"  (03-26-10)

Milks, Megan, "Dear Wigleaf"  (03-26-10)

Miller, C. Robert, "Four Knoxvillians"  (10-06-09)

Miller, Mary, "Aesthete"  (12-30-08)

Miller, Mary, "Target Practice"  (09-28-08)

Miller, Mary, "Nervous Condition"  (03-22-12)

Miller, Mary, "Dear Wigleaf"  (03-22-12)

Miller, Mary, "Break"  (10-04-12)

Miller, Mary, "Dear Wigleaf"  (10-04-12)

Montgomery, Mazie Louise, "The Seagull Movie" (VIDEO)  (04-30-08)

Moore, Gregory, "Lament for an Unpredictable Coat"  (10-11-09)

Morris, Ellen Birkett, "I See You"   (04-17-12)

Morris, Ellen Birkett, "Dear Wigleaf"   (04-17-12)

Moshimer, Gary, "Birds"  (04-12-09)

Msechu, Naima, "A Basement the Size of the World"  (04-07-15)

Mulcahy, Greg, "Lot"  (04-24-11)

Mulcahy, Greg, "Paper"  (12-03-11)

Mulcahy, Greg, "Particle"  (08-29-13)

Mulcahy, Greg, "Vocabulary"  (05-04-14)

Mulcahy, Greg, "Botany"  (05-03-15)

Mulcahy, Greg, "Collegium"  (03-21-16)

Mulcahy, Greg, "Dear Wigleaf"  (03-21-16)

Mullany, Edward, "Honeymoon"  (03-30-09)

Mullany, Edward, "Dear Wigleaf"  (03-30-09)

Mullany, Edward, TWO STORIES  (03-21-11)

Mullany, Edward, TWO STORIES  (10-12-13)

Mullany, Edward, "Dear Wigleaf"  (10-12-13)

Mundargi, Tirumal, "Lullaby"  (08-25-09)

Mundargi, Tirumal, "The Photograph"  (02-18-10)

Mundt, Thomas, "Jimmy Christmas Is Dead"  (04-02-10)

Mundt, Thomas, "Dear Wigleaf"  (04-02-10)

Navarro, Marisela, "The Mystery of Bluemeadow Drive"  (09-05-13)

Navarro, Marisela, "Dear Wigleaf"  (09-05-13)

Nazario, Amanda, "Big C and Lil Puppet"  (11-25-08)

Nazario, Amanda, "Dear Wigleaf"  (11-25-08)

Neal, Darlin', "Powwow"  (02-24-08)

Neal, Darlin', TWO STORIES  (11-29-11)

Neely, Mark, "Self Portrait on a Mountain"   (05-10-10)

Neely, Mark, "Dear Wigleaf"   (05-10-10)

Nesmith, Meghan, "In Which No One Falls in or out of Love"  (09-18-12)

Nesmith, Meghan, "Dear Wigleaf"  (09-18-12)

N’ Chonchœir, Nuala, "Vincent in the Yellow House"  (01-06-09)

N’ Chonchœir, Nuala, "Dear Wigleaf"  (01-06-09)

Nolan, Delaney, "My Man"   (04-11-12)

Nolan, Delaney, "Dear Wigleaf"   (04-11-12)

Norek, Sarah, "When You Love Somebody"  (01-14-13)

Norek, Sarah, "Dear Wigleaf"  (01-14-13)

Norman, Jason Lee, "The Polymath"  (10-17-09)

Norman, Jason Lee, "Dear Wigleaf"  (10-17-09)

O'Brien, Colleen, "Here For"  (08-19-17)

O'Brien, Colleen, "Dear Wigleaf"  (08-19-17)

O'Brien, Elizabeth, "Why"  (02-23-17)

O'Brien, Elizabeth, "Dear Wigleaf"  (02-23-17)

O'Brien, James, "Hitch"  (09-01-11)

O'Brien, James, "Dear Wigleaf"  (09-01-11)

Oliu, Brian, "Two Tuscaloosa Missed Connections"  (02-23-11)

Oliu, Brian, "Dear Wigleaf"  (02-23-11)

Olivarez, Jennifer, "Umara"  (11-06-12)

Olivarez, Jennifer, "Dear Wigleaf"  (11-06-12)

Olszewska, Daniela, "fairytale in which i am an irresponsible pet sitter"  (01-14-12)

Orleans, Ellen, "Risen"  (04-28-11)

Pane, Salvatore, "Clyde Frazier"  (10-27-12)

Pane, Salvatore, "Dear Wigleaf"  (10-27-12)

Park, Cami, "Even the Smallest"  (03-10-10)

Park, Cami, "Dear Wigleaf"  (03-10-10)

Pashley, Jennifer, "Bust"  (09-17-13)

Pashley, Jennifer, "Dear Wigleaf"  (09-17-13)

Peak, David, "King of the Rats"  (02-15-11)

Percesepe, Gary, "Beautiful Girls"  (05-01-10)

Petaccio, Carmen, "Discipline and Punish"  (12-27-15)

Petelin, Patricia, "The Dancer"  (10-07-12)

Peterson, Adam, "The Hell Bucket"  (03-18-12)

Peterson, Adam, "Dear Wigleaf"  (03-18-12)

Phillips, Lloyd, "Theodore and Darlene Were Sweethearts"  (10-02-10)

Phillips, Lloyd, "Dear Wigleaf"  (10-02-10)

Piepenbring, Dan, "Husbands and Animal Husbandry"  (10-08-10)

Pieroni, Jennifer, "Let's Stay Together"  (09-17-08)

Pieroni, Jennifer, "Now, Right Now"  (12-12-08)

Pieroni, Jennifer, "Nothing Special"  (03-28-09)

Pieroni, Jennifer, TWO STORIES  (03-04-11)

Pieroni, Jennifer, "Dear Wigleaf"  (03-04-11)

Pieroni, Jennifer, from MOTLEY POND  (02-02-12)

Pieroni, Jennifer, from MOTLEY POND  (02-02-12)

Pieroni, Jennifer, INTERVIEW   (02-13-08)

Pokrass, Meg, "Baking"  (08-11-08)

Pokrass, Meg, "Needles"  (02-15-09)

Pokrass, Meg, "Pounds across America--1990"  (11-07-08)

Pokrass, Meg, "Dear Wigleaf"  (11-07-08)

Pokrass, Meg, "Delivery"  (12-27-09)

Pokrass, Meg, "Dear Wigleaf"  (12-27-08)

Poli, Jessica, TWO MICROS  (12-04-14)

Ponce, Pedro, "The Oldest Wisdom"  (02-19-08)

Pourciau, Glen, "Faith"  (08-28-10)

Pourciau, Glen, "Feather"  (10-16-11)

Pourciau, Glen, "Breathers"  (10-08-13)

Pourciau, Glen, "Sure"  (10-29-14)

Pourciau, Glen, "Mark"  (01-07-17)

Presley, Daniel, "Greasy"  (02-07-16)

Presley, Daniel, "Dear Wigleaf"  (02-07-16)

Purtill, Corinne, "Union Station"  (12-25-08)

Purtill, Corinne, "Boxers"  (03-13-09)

Pycior, Casey, "Outing"  (10-05-15)

Raffel, Dawn, "As-is"  (12-18-10)

Raffel, Dawn, "Dear Wigleaf"  (12-18-10)

Raskulinecz, Maddy, "Final Fish Death"  (09-16-15)

Raskulinecz, Maddy, "Dear Wigleaf"  (09-16-15)

Rasnake, Sam, "The Sleep of Trees (THREE PARABLES)"  (11-20-11)

Rasnake, Sam, "Dear Wigleaf"  (11-20-11)

Ray, Paula, "Rusty Nail"  (10-23-09)

Ray, Paula, "Dear Wigleaf"  (10-23-09)

Reed, Mary Lynn, "On the Way to Death Valley"  (01-24-09)

Reed, Mary Lynn, "Great Barrier Reef"  (04-20-09)

Reed, Mary Lynn, "Dear Wigleaf"  (01-24-09)

Richardson, Jessica Lee, "River Box"  (01-11-17)

Richardson, Jessica Lee, "Dear Wigleaf"  (01-11-17)

Ridge, Ryan, "Something Nice, Something Gleaming"  (12-02-09)

Ridge, Ryan, "Dear Wigleaf"  (12-02-09)

Ridge, Ryan, "Dogs Named Desire"  (11-26-11)

Ridge, Ryan, "Dear Wigleaf"  (11-26-11)

Riekki, Ron, "Blue Like Tom Cruise Jazz Clubs"  (11-21-15)

Riekki, Ron, "Dear Wigleaf"  (11-21-15)

Riekki, Ron, "Goth"  (01-19-17)

Riekki, Ron, "Dear Wigleaf"  (01-19-17)

Riesener, Tree, "Diary"  (10-14-09)

Robison, James, "I See Men Like Trees, Walking"  (02-09-11)

Roe, Andrew, "Later Then"  (04-10-14)

Roe, Andrew, "Three"  (09-23-08)

Roe, Andrew, "Dear Wigleaf"  (09-23-08)

Roe, Andrew, "Spinner"  (03-29-10)

Roe, Andrew, "The One You Don't Pick"  (03-18-11)

Roe, Andrew, "Dear Wigleaf"  (03-18-11)

Rohan, Ethel, "Gold"  (11-07-09)

Rohan, Ethel, "Dear Wigleaf"  (11-07-09)

Roensch, Rob, "I Awoke to Discover I Had Been Transformed into a Dolphin"  (10-05-14)

Rombes, Nicholas, "Don't Look Back"  (10-13-11)

Rombes, Nicholas, "Dear Wigleaf"  (10-13-11)

Rombes, Nicholas, "What New Chaos"  (02-04-14)

Rombes, Nicholas, "Dear Wigleaf"  (02-04-14)

Rosenblum, Sophie, "Mom Blog"  (09-30-10)

Rosenblum, Sophie, "Dear Wigleaf"  (09-30-10)

Rothenberg, Pir, TWO STORIES  (01-26-13)

Rue, Kirsten, "Praying"  (01-27-12)

Ruiter, Jake, "Violins"  (04-16-09)

Ruiter, Jake, "Dear Wigleaf"  (04-16-09)

Ruland, Jim, "Potty Mouth"  (10-01-08)

Ruland, Jim, "Plague of Grackles"  (01-10-11)

Ruland, Jim, "The Unbeknownst"  (10-25-11)

Ruland, Jim, "Dear Wigleaf"  (10-25-11)

Runkle, Matt, "Spiel"  (08-20-12)

Runkle, Matt, "Dear Wigleaf"  (08-20-12)

Ruocco, Joanna, TWO STORIES  (12-21-11)

Rushton, Ann, "Milk"  (09-28-11)

Rushton, Ann, "Dear Wigleaf"  (09-25-11)

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