Photos of Me in a Bikini
Alex Markovich

To: Duane Potts
Subject: Hi   
From: Nadia Dobrolyubova

Dearest Duane,

I am so happy to receive your e-mail. I think you are kind and intelligent man and I already like you very much.

Before I say more I must apologize for my English which is not very well. I use Russian-English dictionary when I write this message so I hope you understand everything. Maybe some day soon we meet and I teach you few Russian words.

I am happy you find me on Internet and like photos of me in bikini. My mother always tell me I am pretty, but she is my mother so she must say that. My friend Olga take photos last summer in Catherine Garden. Is beautiful park in St. Petersburg near where I live, named after Tsarina Catherine the Great to who is big statue there.

You ask if I want to see photos of you. Certainly if you wish to send, but is not important. More than handsomeness I care what is in man's heart, and your e-mail show me you have kind heart. Also I not care about young years. My father and mother almost 20 years apart in age and they always very happy together.

Now more about me. I live in St. Petersburg and have normal life with no scandal or black mark against my character. I work in boutique. I not mind job except not pay much. I am 24, healthy and strong, 170 centimeters big (5 feet 7 inches) and 53 kilos (119 pounds). I not know my bust, waist and hip sizes. I measure last time when I am only 12, and you can see from photos they are different now.

I stay in good fitness, not smoke, maybe only sometimes drink one glass wine. I run two kilometers every morning and like swim, dance and bicycle. Also quiet things like read, go to cinema, watch television and relax besides romantic fireplace on winter evening or sit outside and watch stars on summer evening. I am simple quiet girl who like simple quiet things.

I grow up with loving parents and dear brother Yura who is now almost 15. He wants to be engineer. My father is once famous musician who play violin in St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra. I study piano at St. Petersburg Conservatory where famous composers Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Prokofiev and Shostakovich once study. My professors say I have much talent, but my father die when I am 17 and I must leave school because I can not pay.

When I am younger I want be musician in famous orchestra like my father. But getting pianist position with Philharmonic is very impossible now. Anyway I not want be professional musician any more. Is difficult life, much strain and nervousness, much travel and too little time spend with persons you love. Some day I play piano again, but not in concerts. I find good man and play only for him.

I dream to be in America since I am little girl, and I can not believe I may really come there soon. Your great country is so exotic and strong with spirit and adventure. But I am fearful to go to strange new land alone. Maybe you can understand. I never travel far from home before and I feel safe if I have somebody like you to meet me. I want somebody mature and intelligent and brave to hold close when I need warm touch. Most I need somebody who is faithful with me.

Is nothing for me in St. Petersburg. All men here are like boys, drink too much vodka and want be with many women. Of course I am sad to leave home. My mother have only my brother after I go. Nobody else. My heart hurt, but my mother say go and not cry. She says is no future for me here and she want I should start new life in New World.

I hope so much you like me enough to send for me. I am not lazy. In America I quickly find work, maybe sales girl in your big malls or care of children or maybe teach piano, anything I may find. We can spend quiet time together and do things we both like and be best friends. And if you like me enough maybe our friendship can be something more. Maybe I stay with you when I come if is all right. I cook and clean house and wash and do everything you like. But if you do not want me I promise right away I look for other place. I not be burden or make you problems.

I have visa and all needed exit documents, but not yet enough money for trip. Aeroplane ticket cost $1,192 US and I already save almost half. Maybe you can send $700 by Western Union? Or less if is difficult sum. I promise I pay back as soon as I find work.

In my next e-mail I answer any more questions you have. I also include some very special pictures of me that I take specially for you. And maybe pictures of my mother, little brother and black cat named Pushkin.

Maybe you not know this before, but my name Nadia is short form for Nadyezhda which mean hope in Russian. Are you angel for who I hope and pray all my life?

Much love and kisses,


Fyodor Vasilievich moves the cursor to "send" and clicks the mouse. He leans back in his chair, contentedly exhales a plume of smoke, and stubs out his cigarette in the ashtray. Then he pastes his message into a new e-mail and readdresses it.

To: Lester Bailey
Subject: Hi
From: Nadia Dobrolyubova

Dearest Lester,

I am so happy to receive your e-mail. I think you are kind and intelligent man and I already like you very much . . . .

Alex Markovich is a writer and editor.

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