Dear Wigleaf,

This has been a slobbish week. I've read a whole lot, but I've also watched the movie You, Me, and Dupree on TBS four times in its entirety. I've watched hours of Cash Cab and No Reservations and Full House and Iron Chef America. I am tempted to order a Snuggie.

I think this coleslaw has gone off, but I'm going to chew it a little longer just to make sure.

The How-to of the Day (courtesy of wikiHow) is "7 Steps to Becoming a Bounty Hunter", which is useful, because I've been looking for work. It says I should sharpen my investigative skills by grilling friends and family, and later seek out a veteran bounty hunter to take me under his/her wing.

I am also applying to the Olive Garden. Still, if you know any good bounty hunters, tell them I have references.

Over & Out,


- - -

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