Dear Wigleaf,
It's dark here. Please do me a favor and look at the sun, but not directly because that's dangerous, you'll scar your retinas. Just look at the sun sort of sidelong, but more than a glance; give it a full second or two. Or, if it's cloudy or nighttime or you can't see the sun because you're in a room with no windows, think about the sun, the color of its light at your favorite time of day. Or look at a high-resolution picture, perhaps a filtered NASA image or your favorite representation of the sun in a painting by a famous artist or a child. Or, if your personal root of bitterness flows with animosity toward the sun, think of how it shines upon the earth now, pouring its crude lumens into plant and animal life, leaving some of itself there until death and putrefaction render them dust or some form of fuel to feed yet more flames; but here's the part you're after: eventually the sun will burn out. Imagine when it swells red and fleshy, bloated in late decline: and yet for all of its relative glory to us on earth, the sun is rather a supernobody among its peers, lacking the mass to explode and collapse into a brilliant black hole; it will die silent and alone, just another dead white dwarf. Think of the sun in whatever form makes you feel okay, whichever form fills you with wonder, and cc that feeling this way.
It's dark here. The sun is and it's glorious.


- - -

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