So I've been considering the Four Freedoms, which were FDR's and keep being reappropriated now because of, y'know, the climate. Freedom From Fear is my favorite, but I believe all four can be collapsed into: Freedom From Bullshit.

Saw my mom today. She bought me a fancy shirt and pants (fancypants) at Anthropologie, which I never go into and was full of contemptuous bitches frowning contemptuously at my mother because she was being friendly and asking questions. The shirt is orange; the pants are striped pants like on a train engineer.

Today I also realized why my rib has been hurting. It's because I bashed into the iron railing on my stairs, climbing them with too much gusto, during the party we had on the roof last week. The memory came back to me as I was climbing the stairs again, this time carrying a laundry basket.

Went to TOAST for dinner and chatted with the bartender, who had on a T-shirt with a whale on it and was spinning quarters on the bar. He tried to teach me how, but I preferred to just watch him do it, turn the quarters into transparent silver spheres whirling around the countertop. Meanwhile, on the bar's TV, Serena Williams won the US Open.

Life she is fine.


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