(Jason Ellison)

Salazar, Fortunato, "Fervent Vows of Love"  (08-22-09)

Salesses, Matthew, "No Self Felt Hurt by the Shadow Acts"  (04-25-10)

Salesses, Matthew, "Dear Wigleaf"  (04-25-10)

Salesses, Matthew, "2 from I'M NOT SAYING, I'M JUST SAYING"  (10-17-12)

Salesses, Matthew, "Dear Wigleaf"  (10-17-12)

Sampsell, Kevin, "Parachute"  (01-12-10)

Sampsell, Kevin, "Dear Wigleaf"  (01-12-10)

Sanquist, Ian, "Clyde Smith Waltzes with Martin Luther in the Moonlight for Old Times' Sake"   (04-21-12)

Sanquist, Ian, "Dear Wigleaf"   (04-21-12)

Sarabi, Niloo E, "Newspapers & Cigarettes"  (09-13-11)

Savoca, Matthew, "Natural Seismic Phenomenon"  (08-31-08)

Savoca, Matthew, "Dear Wigleaf"  (08-31-08)

Scanlan, Kathryn, "Likeness"  (02-06-10)

Scanlan, Kathryn, "Dear Wigleaf"  (02-06-10)

Schaefer, Evan, "Victims of the Imagination"  (04-16-10)

Schiff, Rebecca, TWO STORIES  (04-10-16)

Schwartz, Peter (w/ Barry Graham), "The Dry Years"  (12-01-10)

Schwartz, Peter (w/ Barry Graham), "Dear Wigleaf"  (12-01-10)

Scott, Laura Ellen, "Bog Redaction"  (01-24-10)

Scott, Laura Ellen, "Dear Wigleaf"  (01-24-10)

Scott, Rion Amilcar, "The Howling"  (12-23-12)

Segal, Ben, "The Wrestling Bear"  (02-25-09)

Segal, Ben, "Dear Wigleaf"  (02-25-09)

Shaheen, Glenn, TWO STORIES   (04-25-12)

Shields, Eryl, "Impermeable"  (11-17-16)

Shields, Eryl, "Dear Wigleaf"  (11-17-16)

Siegel, Gail Louise, "Mathematical Superstition"  (08-21-08)

Siegel, Gail Louise, "Dear Wigleaf"  (08-21-08)

Simpson, Chad, "The Rowan House"  (11-28-10)

Simpson, Chad, "Dear Wigleaf"  (11-28-10)

Simpson, Chad, "Open Mic Night at Fat Fish Pub"  (10-01-12)

Smith, Bud, TWO KIDS  (01-16-16)

Smith, Bud, "Dear Wigleaf"  (01-16-16)

Smith, Claudia, "Scout Lantern"  (03-15-08)

Smith, Claudia, "Shampoo Commercial"  (03-29-08)

Smith, Claudia, "Valentine"  (08-14-08)

Smith, Claudia, "Dear Wigleaf"  (08-14-08)

Smith, Claudia, "Film"  (08-04-09)

Smith, Claudia, "What Becomes You"  (11-24-09)

Smith, Claudia, "Hula"  (11-12-12)

Smith, Claudia, "Dear Wigleaf"  (11-12-12)

Smith, Claudia, "Strawberry Snuffles"  (11-12-15)

Smith, Claudia, "Dear Wigleaf"  (11-12-15)

Smith, Curtis, "The Twins"  (02-02-11)

Smith, Curtis, "Dear Wigleaf"  (02-02-11)

Smith, Joel E. R., "Anthropos"  (09-28-12)

Smith, Joel E. R., "Dear Wigleaf"  (09-28-12)

Smith-Stevens, Emma, "Allies/Strangers"  (08-19-13)

Smith-Stevens, Emma, "Dear Wigleaf"  (08-19-13)

Smith-Stevens, Emma, "An August in the Early 2000s"  (09-01-14)

Smith-Stevens, Emma, "Dear Wigleaf"  (09-01-14)

Smith-Stevens, Emma, "Cannonball"  (03-12-16)

Smith-Stevens, Emma, "Dear Wigleaf"  (03-12-16)

Smith-Stevens, Emma, "An Object of Concern"  (01-22-17)

Smith-Stevens, Emma, "Dear Wigleaf"  (01-22-17)

Snyder, Craig, "Death City"  (09-21-09)

Southworth, Lucas, "Crossing Our Communication Networks"  (02-09-10)

Southworth, Lucas, TWO STORIES  (09-21-12)

Southworth, Lucas, "Dear Wigleaf"  (09-21-12)

Sparks, Amber, "A History of Heart Disease"  (01-27-10)

Sparks, Amber, "Dear Wigleaf"  (01-27-10)

Sparks, Amber, "Vesuvius"  (11-22-10)

Sparks, Amber, "Dear Wigleaf"  (11-22-10)

Spohrer, Lauren, "Stacks"  (04-08-11)

Steinhagen, Jon, "2 from AMERICANS ELSEWHERE"  (09-09-12)

Steinhagen, Jon, "Dear Wigleaf"  (09-09-12)

Steinhagen, Joh, "Oasis: Missouri Vs. Mexico City"  (04-11-13)

Stern, Bezalel, "I, Etgar Keret"  (02-19-12)

Stern, Bezalel, "Dear Wigleaf"  (02-19-12)

Stern, Bezalel, "Dog Treats"  (08-23-13)

Stern, Bezalel, "It's Happened to Everyone"  (02-01-15)

Stern, Bezalel, "Dear Wigleaf"  (02-01-15)

Sterritt, Brooks, "The Final Question"  (04-05-10)

Sterritt, Brooks, "Dear Wigleaf"  (04-05-10)

Stevens, Angi Becker, "Anticipation"  (10-26-09)

Stevens, Angi Becker, "The Opposite of Free"  (03-10-11)

Stewart, Jennifer Dunn, "Waiting Room"  (04-18-16)

Sullivan, Rose, "Displays of Aquatic Escape Behavior"  (04-10-10)

Sullivan, Rose, "Dear Wigleaf"  (04-10-10)

Svoboda, Terese, "Horses on My Side"  (11-17-09)

Svoboda, Terese, "Dear Wigleaf"  (11-17-09)

Swartwood, Robert, "Phantom Energy"  (09-24-09)

Swartwood, Robert, "The Killer Inside"  (12-30-09)

Swartwood, Robert, "Dear Wigleaf"  (09-24-09)

Swartwood, Robert, TWO HINT FICTIONS  (06-03-15)

Sweeney, Dennis James, "Coyote, Coyote"  (01-14-14)

Sweeney, Dennis James, "Dear Wigleaf"  (01-14-14)

Swenson, Jack, "Estranged"  (02-15-10)

Swenson, Jack, "Dear Wigleaf"  (02-15-10)

Tanaka, Kaj, "Ceremony"  (09-14-14)

Tanaka, Kaj, "Dear Wigleaf"  (09-14-14)

Tattoli, Chantel, "How Barbie Came to Live in Our Barn"  (01-11-09)

Tattoli, Chantel, "Dear Wigleaf"  (01-11-09)

Tattoli, Chantel, "La Liberación de los Candelabros/The Deliverance of Chandeliers"  (11-25-10)

Tattoli, Chantel, "Dear Wigleaf"  (11-25-10)

Thekkiam, Sruthi, "A Significant, Defining Moment in My Life, Featuring Mice"  (01-01-12)

Thomas, Beth, "Upon Learning the Fetus Has Fingernails"  (11-14-09)

Thomas, Beth, "Rock-a-Hoola"  (09-09-10)

Thomas, Beth, "Dear Wigleaf"  (11-14-09)

Thomas, Beth, TWO MICROS  (11-02-14)

Thomas, Stephen, "Why Do Guys Look at Porn"  (10-19-14)

Thomas, Kayla, "Ocean in the Twelfth Year"  (09-09-16)

Thomas, Kayla, "Dear Wigleaf"  (09-09-16)

Todd, Robb, "Every Moment Is Lovely, Yes"  (10-19-11)

Todd, Robb, "Dear Wigleaf"  (10-19-11)

Tourjee, Sarah, "Aviation"  (10-23-12)

Tourjee, Sarah, "Dear Wigleaf"  (10-23-12)

Tourjee, Sarah, "Sam Says, Sam"  (04-18-13)

Tourjee, Sarah, "Dear Wigleaf"  (04-18-13)

Townsend, Dan, "Fishing with Wilcox"  (11-15-12)

Townsend, Dan, "Dear Wigleaf"  (11-15-12)

Tropp, Girija, "Levelling"  (09-27-10)

Tuite, Meg, "Speed Date"  (04-16-14)

Tuite, Meg, "Dear Wigleaf"  (04-16-14)

Tyler, J.A., "This Will Be the One about the Birds in the Man"  (04-13-10)

Tyler, J.A., "Dear Wigleaf"  (04-13-10)

Tyler, J.A., "Variations of a Brother War (Cabins Triptych)"  (01-07-11)

Ulrich, Cathy, "Where the Drowned Ride"  (08-27-17)

Ulrich, Cathy, "Dear Wigleaf"  (08-27-17)

Unferth, Deb Olin, "Draft"  (03-28-16)

Valente, Anne, "A Secret Hum of Blades"  (09-24-10)

Various, "Writers' Playlist: Autumn"  (08-27-08)

Various, "Writers' Playlist: Love & Sex"  (01-21-10)

Various, "Writers' Playlist: Un/happiness"  (04-21-11)

Varallo, Anthony, "Unfriend"  (01-10-13)

Varallo, Anthony, "Dear Wigleaf"  (01-10-13)

Varallo, Anthony, "Bad Car"  (09-23-16)

Varallo, Anthony, "Dear Wigleaf"  (09-23-16)

Vasicek, René Georg, "The Peephole Cleaner"  (05-06-08)

Velentza, Clio, "The Invention of Saints"  (01-20-16)

Vernor, Kara, "Don Johnson Is Not Your Man"  (08-30-12)

Vernor, Kara, "Dear Wigleaf"  (08-30-12)

Vernor, Kara, "Because I Wanted to Write You a Pop Song"  (01-12-16)

Vernor, Kara, "Dear Wigleaf"  (01-12-16)

Villanueva, Marianne, "Stonehenge/Pacifica"  (01-11-12)

Villanueva, Marianne, "Dear Wigleaf"  (01-11-12)

Villareal-Moura, Ursula, TWO STORIES  (01-03-17)

Villareal-Moura, Ursula, "Dear Wigleaf"  (01-03-17)

Villaverde, David Joez, "Worship"  (02-14-17)

Vishniac, Cady, "Early Conversations with Baby"  (02-24-16)

Vitucci, Donna, "If Not for the Time"  (11-10-10)

Vitucci, Donna, "Dear Wigleaf"  (11-10-10)

Vogrin, Valerie, "A Domestic Interlude"  (03-29-11)

Vogrin, Valerie, "Dear Wigleaf"  (03-29-11)

Vossoughi, Siamak, "The Calendar"  (03-16-17)

Wade, Elizabeth, "Snake Hook"  (03-21-14)

Walters, Ann, "The Voice of Love"  (05-02-08)

Walters, Ann, "Kawaii"  (05-01-09)

Walters, Ann, "Dear Wigleaf"  (05-01-09)

Wang, J.W., "New Technology"  (08-01-08)

Washer, Naomi, THREE STORIES  (05-07-16)

Wells, Brandi, "Up for Next"  (03-08-09)

Wells, Brandi, "Dear Wigleaf"  (03-08-09)

Wells, Brandi, THREE STORIES  (03-27-13)

Wells, Brandi, "Virgins"  (08-21-16)

Wells, Brandi, "Dear Wigleaf"  (08-21-16)

Wells, Chelsea Laine, "Fire"  (09-07-11)

Wenderoth, Joe, "On-line Sexual Harassment Training"  (01-30-08)

Wenderoth, Joe, "My Life" (VIDEO)  (04-03-08)

Wilson, Kevin, "Tommy Explained: Album One, Side One, Track Three"  (11-13-08)

Wilson, Kevin, "Dear Wigleaf"  (11-13-08)

Wilson, Leigh Allison, "The Ledger"  (11-30-14)

Wilson, Leigh Allison, "Dear Wigleaf"  (11-30-14)

Wilson, Robley, "Bears"  (05-04-10)

Winter, Bess, "The Man Sitting Behind You Is a Serial Rapist"  (02-21-10)

Winter, Bess, "Dear Wigleaf"  (02-21-10)

Winter, Bess, "How Do You Deal with the Horribly Cruel Things People Have Said to You Throughout Your Life"  (05-01-13)

Winter, Bess, "The Last Wild Passenger Pigeon"  (01-24-14)

Woodruff, Keith, "Elegy"  (09-29-16)

Woodward, Angela, "History of Matches"  (02-22-12)

Woodward, Angela, "Field Conditions"  (03-16-16)

Wyer, Kate, "The Dog Catcher"  (02-12-10)

Wyer, Kate, "Dear Wigleaf"  (02-12-10)

Wyer, Kate, TWO STORIES  (01-05-13)

Wyer, Kate, "Dear Wigleaf"  (01-05-13)

Xhoga, Ledia, TWO STORIES  (03-25-12)

Xhoga, Ledia, "Dear Wigleaf"  (03-25-12)

xTx, "Because Seven Ate Nine"  (11-19-10)

xTx, "Dear Wigleaf"  (11-19-10)

xTx, "Jonah Questions"  (03-07-12)

xTx, "Dear Wigleaf"  (03-07-12)

Yoder, Rachel, "Pentagon City"  (12-05-09)

Yoder, Rachel, "Dear Wigleaf"  (12-05-09)

Young, Joseph, "Cardinal"  (03-23-09)

Zacharia, Shellie, "Instant"  (08-19-09)

ZoBell, Bonnie, "Graveyard"  (10-28-11)

ZoBell, Bonnie, "Dear Wigleaf"  (10-28-11)

Zickgraf, Catherine, "And Then I Said"  (09-06-09)

Zickgraf, Catherine, "Dear Wigleaf"  (09-06-09)

Zoida, Salvatore, "Anatomy of a Soup Commercial"  (04-19-10)

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