Dear Wigleaf,

These things are so small! How are you supposed to fit anything on it? I don't know, but now I have wasted a lot of space just saying this. And this. And this and this and this. You get the idea. The weather is great here. It is pouring rain outside and I am inside with the balcony door wide open. The wind is swinging it around and I'm kind of hoping the door slams hard into something and the glass breaks, even though that will probably create problems for me. Aren't I weird? Yeah, like I keep envisioning myself being hurled over the railing by myself. It's about 21 degrees outside. Celsius. I am telling you the degrees in Celsius because I know you will have to convert it and it will be annoying for you unless you know that trick that lets you do it quickly in your head. What is it? Like, double the number and then add 32 or something? Something like that. It's a warm rain. Anyway, if you have to look up the temperature in Fahrenheit, at least it will take you some time. That's good, right? I mean, there is so much time in a day, what can anyone do with it all? Anyway, I will send you this soon or maybe I will just give it to you next time I see you. Bye!

Love Matthew

P.S. That is a command, not a salutation! Hah!

- - -

Matthew Savoca's work has been published in Lamination Colony, 3AM, Robot Melon, Alice Blue, Dogzplot and others.

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