Dear Wigleaf,

We're low and a little bit dangerous. 1312 feet below sea level and the Dead Sea stays dead. Cut off the flow of freshly oxygenated blood to the brain and our subject has about 10 seconds before losing consciousness. A drought of seratonin is not all that romantic; such dryness is seldom visible on the lips and often cannot be spoken outloud. Drowning is among the least common methods of suicide, less than 2%. Hanging is the prevalent means in pre-industrial societies and is more common in rural areas than in urban areas. A suicide attack is an attack in which the attacker intends to kill others and intends to die in the process of doing so. But that comes later. Just today we discovered new laws that defy physics. The transformation of hot to cold. It is now possible for energy to die, which for now gives us hope. Who are you?
Your pals,

Peter and Barry

- - -

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