Dear Wigleaf,

There was a time in my life when I knew people with names like Kilowatt, Big Daddy Steve, Tony the Tiger, and Gary Revolution.

Kilowatt, because he loved--I mean loved--electricity.

Big Daddy Steve because he was taller than this other Steve, and because, despite his childlessness, no one was more Daddy.

Tony the Tiger was an affirmer of life, of happiness. Stout, bald, excellent posture--the man physically resembled a thumbs up.

Gary Revolution was living proof of miracles. A disease had threatened to kill him, God came down and fixed that, and telling people about it was his revolution.

Now, as I write to you years later, I've lost contact with them all. I must say, it seems like a high price to pay for clean living. Wouldn't you agree?


- - -

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