Dear Wigleaf,

If they call you to work at this nuclear plant for the thirty day spring outage, probably say no.

Here's some reasons why. Elevator B never gets used by the house employees because it's extremely undependable. Of course during the outage it's the 'contractor elevator' and I can't tell you how many peeps get trapped for hours. Days even. I'm stuck in it now. So damn thirsty, could use a glass of water.

I'm using my free time to write postcards. Hope I get to send you this one.

Another reason not to come to this plant … one time there was a failure, all the alarms went off—doors locked from the outside and the entire reactor containment building began to fill with cooling water. I had to shimmy up on a metal beam, try to wait it out.

Got a phone call from the plant manager, sounded like he was gonna cry, "There's nothing we can do, the building will flood completely to prevent a melt down. We're sorry, you're going to drown. God bless."

Luckily, I built this place and I know a hatch that goes up to the roof. We used to sneak up there to watch the sun rise, smoke up. So I survived that.

Holy shit. Did you build this plant?


Don't come here.

The elevator just shook, whatever that means. I'm going to go through the floor hatch and try to see if there's any way I can slide down the cable. Wish me luck.



- - -

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