Lauren Spohrer

Stacks predicted fat holes of varying slant-path thickness would pop up everywhere. I wanted to get out of there is why I listened. It was the early 90s so we'd seen smaller fat dimples and Stacks said they would keep growing. I was five-months pregnant when he joined the task force. I couldn't sleep in our bed without him. I went to my mother's bed. She said my father chased fat holes like Stacks and she gave me a small bottle of Kentucky Gentleman. She brushed my hair and said, "Doesn't that feel good!" Stacks came back and his key observation was the lack of reliable historical (pre-fat hole) data. "You are being given night vision now, and you may need to use it," Stacks said. I drove us all night. "The way I'm thinking is pretty Cartesian," Stacks said. The baby was sleeping. Then Stacks was sleeping. It was our last vacation.

Lauren Spohrer's fiction has recently appeared on and Everyday Genius.

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