Even the Smallest
Cami Park

SIX hogs come squealing to the trough, COUNT them, Mabel, Max, Bill, Sugah, Sincerity, Templeton. Mabel is the oldest, Sugah is the smallest, Templeton is the wisest. GRACIOUS is the hand that feeds them, they all know it, I know it too.

The car, the man, I take him to my father. My father is the hand that gives. He gives to this man meat. The man looks. I don't.

My hands.

We are next. He thinks we are next. We are not. This is our land. It is not his. We have our meat to give to him. I get him intestines and give them to him. I don't look. My father tells me not to look. I didn't. The man looks.

My hands.

I go back to the pigs. MABEL. I tell her what my father says and I let the other pigs listen, even the smallest, even Sugah, and that is that we are ENOUGH it is all we are everything and ALL and there is the sun and there are storms and the RAIN soaks us and the lightning SPLITS us we are ALL and everything and all that is everything all that we CAN'T know is all that we love.

Cami Park has work in or coming from Quick Fiction, matchbook, SmokeLong Quarterly, Pank, Abjective and others.

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Detail of painting on main page courtesy of Brendan Garbee.

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