Dear Wigleaf,

What about these little old married people who are so in love? They're not just faking it, are they?

I guess relationships change and people change and you have to keep up and reassess and it's a lot of work. And then, of course, people get old and fat and tired and grouchy and they start aching all over and they drink too much and wake up with mystery bruises. It's all a lot to deal with.

I love riding the bus sometimes. This really loud crazy man got on and was whacking people with his huge bag and then he announced to the bus that he was going to go up front and hit on me and he kept calling me Boots because I was wearing boots. It was funny. Except then he got up and actually did hit on me, which was awkward, but my stop came up quite soon and as I hopped off I yelled thanks, driver! like people do and I felt very big-girl-in-the-city, very citified and cool and hip and I think I've had a smirk on my face all day for some reason.

Am I, like, your most fair weather friend? Or do you have other fair weather friends? What's a fair weather friend, anyway? Fair weather is good, right?


- - -

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