Dear Wigleaf,

Midnight movie premieres used to mean something. Now they run 8 and 10 PM showings before the 12:01 screenings. It doesn't make sense—but they know they can fill seats. These earlier showings, they've thrown the whole thing off balance. While in line to get your ticket, when the 8 PM lets out, you might hear frantic discussions about the end, or worse, a bad review. I want those days back when we, waiting since dinnertime, costumed and accessorized appropriately, were the first to see it at the first possible moment in the darkness of Friday morning. But it wasn't about being first: it was about lines wrapped around the building, races to locate the right amount of seats in the best row, anticipation rising to dangerous, frothy levels, where any minor disappointment could devastate. But it rarely mattered: once lights dimmed and previews started, the excitement radiating throughout the building lent such an influx of faith, of believing this movie, finally, would be the perfect one. The over-air-conditioned, surround-sounded theaters, so mundane at matinees, felt euphoric and revelatory—even Green Lantern seemed like a great movie when you packed in with the countless masses holding their green-ringed fingers to the screen, reciting with Ryan Reynolds, In blackest day, in brightest night…

I guess what I'm saying is, if you get this in time, do you want to go to the midnight premiere of Mockingjay, Part 1 together, for old times' sake?


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