Dear Wigleaf,

I am writing this… quickly… from the room that is my office/guest room but will soon become the bedroom for my new son and daughter, twins, born almost four months ago… Henry is with me here, asleep, while my wife has Celia (typically the lesser sleeper) in our bedroom… our three-year-old son Ethan is asleep in his room…they are all asleep, my family… and I am not… but it is getting late… and I am writing… I am writing quickly, very quickly, hoping that I will be able to finish… this.

- - -

Andrew Roe's fiction has appeared in Tin House, One Story, Glimmer Train, The Cincinnati Review and other publications, as well as the anthology Where Love Is Found: 24 Tales of Connection (Washington Square Press). A two-time Pushcart Prize nominee, he lives in Oceanside, California.

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