Déar Wigleaf,

I'm watching TV with a fireman who just asked me, "What is this?" I told him, "Drunk History." He told me he's been busy because of a rave in town where kids are overdosing on acid. He just walked out and said, "People suck." I'm in the EMS Lounge in an E.R. We just transported a COPD patient. Medicine has turned into àbbreviations. Sorry, my phone adds random accents. It had an umlaut addiction. The janitor just translated 'aliente' for me. I'm reading 90 Minutos en el Cielo during the commercials. A woman just walked in holding two of her fingers in her other hand like pencils. She cut them off doing "carpinteria." One of my old acting teachers did a cameo on the show. He played a shirtless Indian. Another fireman changed the channel. He just said, "Geraldo Rivera's mustache looks like it has AIDS." Then he said, "What are you typing on your phone, a goddamn Harry Potter novel?"

Gotta run, Wigleaf.

I lové you.


P.S. Harry saw the troll approaching.

- - -

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