Dear Wigleaf,

A big hello from the West of Ireland. From my window, this sunny September morning, I see crows like cardboard cut-outs in a tilted tree; they are residents in their own tower blocks. Cars and trucks move city-ward and houses flank the road like sentinels. No horses jump the mud-shackled poles in the show-ground, but magpies wait for who-knows-what. The town's two spires reach for loftiness; the empty church straddles a hill.

This morning I translate love poetry from Irish Gaelic to English; I answer e-mails; I blog about vegan pizza. I think about walking to the Post Office to lodge savings for our marriage (not wedding, marriage). I feel hungry and think about walnut muffins (there might be one left…).

I submit a twice-rejected flash story to a new-to-me webzine and hope for the best. I flick through my current notebook for inspiration and find this: 'snake beans in chilli flakes.' Where and when did I eat that?

But now I have to go to collect The Baby from school. I hope this postcard finds you all well, happy and productive,

Beir bua,

Nuala Ní Chonchúir

- - -

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