Dear Wigleaf:

Yesterday your friend Sean Lovelace found something of mine at the bottom of Muncie Creek and stuck it behind my screen door. When I got home from the grocery store it flopped at my feet.

The thing had been a few weeks in the murk, listening to rain falling on the water’s surface. What does that sound like? Listening to the sun. Getting nosed by curious fish.

After a while the fish realized they couldn’t eat this pale green thing and the green thing wouldn’t eat them. Just another break in the current, another alley dumpster for teenage bass to lurk behind.

The point is I’ve lost a lot. Shiny tokens, invisible graspings, plastic heirlooms that will live a thousand years somewhere, mangled relics, and of course failing bodies, a few pulses of blood left in their translucent veins.

The point is everything can be found. Thanks Wigleaf, and tell Sean thanks for looking.

Hope yr okay,


- - -

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