Dear Wigleaf,
I take a boat to work. On days when the two-hour commute gets to me, especially those rainy or snowy days, I remind myself how lucky I am — not many people can say they take a boat to work. I see seagulls and abandoned islands and catch a great view of the city skyline. A few weeks ago a man jumped overboard. The crew acted fast, grabbing life jackets and diving in after him. I stayed where I was on the wooden seat and read my book. The man across from me said that the same thing had happened a few days before. I pretended to keep reading, but a tight knot formed in my chest. I realized how fragile we all were floating along in this monstrosity. At any moment the ship could go under, or any one of us could decide to break the water's undulating surface with our body. Would the impact hurt? Or would we be guided down softly, with grace? I gripped the corners of my book. The crew saved the man. We all applauded. The sun set over the city as we pulled into the dock.
Take care,


- - -

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