SARAH  PREVATT,   "The Arrowhead"

  from Necessary Fiction

TIMMY  REED,   "Birds and Other Things We Placed in Our Hearts"

  from Necessary Fiction

CHRIS  J.  RICE,   "The Lid"

  from PANK

SARA  SEYFARTH,   "Anna Maria's Guide to Resurrection"

  from Paper Darts

AKI  SHILZ,   "Heat Wave"

  from Cheap Pop Lit

REBEKA  SINGER,   "Our New Place"

  from Dogzplot

CLAUDIA  SMITH,   "Cane Pole"

  from SmokeLong Quarterly

RHOADS  STEVENS,   "All the Corazons in Spanish Songs"

  from Spork

PABLO  PIÑERO  STILLMAN,   "Tracking the War"

  from BULL

MAY-LAN  TAN,   "Strawberries"

  from Spork

MIKA  TAYLOR,   "Brick by Brick"

  from Tin House

BETH  THOMAS,   "Before Dubai, This Ellay"

  from Contrary


  from Gigantic


  from Guernica

MARY  WHARFF,   "Nothing to You"

  from NAILED

KIK  WILLIAMS,   "Stands of Pines"

  from Dogzplot

xTx,   "Today I Am a Summer Field"

  from Camroc Press Review

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