MISTY  ELLINGBURG,   "Chicken Dance"

  from 100 Word Story


  from Green Mountains Review

JENNIFER  GENEST,   "Ways to Prepare White Perch"

  from New Delta Review

CARMEN  GIMENEZ-SMITH   and   LILY  HOANG,   "Hummeltopia (Excerpts)"

  from Big Lucks

MARY  HAMILTON,  "If This Was Any Other Day, Me and Matt Would Turn and Walk Away, But Today, We'll Stay"

  from Dogzplot


  from The Journal of the Compressed Creative Arts

LINDSAY  HUNTER,   "Domesticity"

  from Dogzplot

ALLEGRA  HYDE,   "Syndication"

  from Nashville Review

LAURA  ELLEN  JOYCE,   "Electric Light"

  from Spork

ANDREA  KNEELAND,   "Untitled"

  from Dogzplot

KRISTINA  MAHLER,   "What Happens When You Don't Know What Happens Next"

  from Everyday Genius

TARA  L.  MASIH,   "The Mystery Spot"

  from Foundling Review

MIGUEL  MORALES,   "For Tourists Such as Yourself"

  from NANO Fiction


  from Hobart

JENNIFER  PASHLEY,   "Hangovers"

  from matchbook

JENNIFER  POPA,   "A Flesh Like Ours"

  from The Citron Review

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