RACHEL  ADAMS,   "Robots Make Babies"

  from The Collagist


  from jmww

KIIK  A.K.,   "An Egg"

  from matchbook

AMY  ASH,   "Not Flower but Fire"

  from The Journal of the Compressed Creative Arts

JEREMY  BAUER,   "Adult Lord"

  from Everyday Genius


  from Fanzine

SALENA  CASHA,   "Hitchhiker"

  from Counterexample Poetics

JIMMY  CHEN,   "Foosball"

  from Camroc Press Review

ALBERTO  CHIMAL,   "The Waterfall"

  from The Kenyon Review

LUCAS  CHURCH,   "Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo"

  from Booth

MYFANWY  COLLINS,   "Ogdensburg"

  from Fwriction : Review

KATIE  CORTESE,   "The Strong Woman, After Failing Her Massage Therapy Practical Exam"

  from Booth

CHRIS  DANKLAND,   "Pseudanthium"

  from Everyday Genius

LÂLE  DAVIDSON,   "The Opal Maker"

  from The Collagist

JONNY  DIAMOND,   "Safe and Secure Identity Verification"

  from Monkeybicycle

ELIZABETH  EVITTS  DICKINSON,   "A Modern Girl's Guide to Childbirth"

  from PANK

SARAH  DOMET,   "The Man Who Painted Night"

  from Hobart

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