SARA  LIPPMANN,   "Fallen Souffleé"

  from NANO Fiction

RAVI  MANGLA,   "Greenly, Everett and Marion, 1878 - 1903"

  from Booth

ILANA  MASAD,   "Picked Up and Happened"

  from The Butter

THIRII  MYO  KYAW  MYINT,   "Weathervane"

  from Timber

WENDY  C.  ORTIZ,   "Sun Opposition Moon"

  from Poor Claudia


  from The Collagist

DANA  RANGA,   "exodon paradoxus (bucktooth tetra)"

  from Guernica

LILLIAM  RIVERA,   "Ain't Like Those Other Guys"

  from Tin House

RION  AMILCAR  SCOTT,   "A Loudness of Screechers"

  from Barrelhouse

RACHEL  SHERMAN,   "Torture Receipts"

  from The Offing

LINDSAY  SPROUL,   "Jack Armstrong"

  from Witness

SOFI  STAMBO,   "Lists"

  from Agni

MARIANNE  VILLANUEVA,   "Expatriate Writer (Portland, Oregon)"

  from Witness

URSULA  VILLARREAL-MOURA,   "Math for the Self-Crippling"

  from Literary Orphans

XUAN  JULIANA  WANG,   "Sooner or Later"


SENNAH  YEE,   "How Do I Look?"

  from Poor Claudia

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