NINA  FICENEC,   "On That, But Still"

  from Literary Orphans

KATHY  FISH,  "Ripe"

  from Corium Magazine

KATHY  FISH,   "Tool"

  from Corium Magazine

GLORIA  FRYM,   "Over"

  from 100 Word Story

KAT  GONSO,  "Puberty"

  from SmokeLong Quarterly

MUNA  GURUNG,   "While We Slept"

  from Asian American Writers' Workshop

RAHAWA  HAILE,   "The Lives and Loves of Intricate Cakes"

  from Midnight Breakfast

CASEY  HANNAN,   "Weird Videos"

  from Camroc Press Review

LILY  HOANG,   "On Violence"

  from Alice Blue

COLLEEN  HOLLISTER,   "Five Museums"

  from Conjunctions

CAITLIN  HORROCKS,   "70 Sentences that Believes I Will Need to Know in Spanish"

  from Cheap Pop


  from Specter

W.  TODD  KANEKO,   "Metalhead's Curfew"

  from Corium Magazine

ETGAR  KERET,   "The Most"

  from Okey Panky

DEBBIE  KINSEY,   "Broken Bird"

  from SmokeLong Quarterly

HILARY  LEICHTER,   "The Statue of Limitations"

  from American Short Fiction

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