RAVI  MANGLA,   "Feats of Strength"

  from Tin House

MICHAEL  MARTONE,  "Winesburg, Indiana: The Cantor Quadruplets"

  from Booth

MICHELLE  MEYERS,   "Primal Beauty"

  from Dogzplot

MARY  MILLER,   "I Won't Get Lost"

  from New World Writing

EMILY  MITCHELL,  "Fat Man's Last Meal"

  from Guernica

GARY  MOSHIMER,   "Sundays"

  from FRiGG

JESSICA  RAFALKO,   "News, Unreported"

  from Apple Valley Review

DOUG  RAMSPECK,   "Three Crows"

  from Bluestem

MADDY  RASKULINECZ,   "In the Time It Takes Me to Forget You, My Hair Will Grow Back to the Way You Like It"

  from Word Riot

TIMMY  REED,   "School Spirit Is for Suckers"

  from Everyday Genius

NICK  RIPATRAZONE,   "The Cribbing Collar"

  from Shenandoah

BRAD  ROSE,   "Movie Review"

  from Right Hand Pointing


  from PANK

JIM  RULAND,   "Wipeout Blues"

  from Corium

MATT  SAILOR,   "Half the Battle"

  from decomP

IAN  SANQUIST,   "Apocalypse / Crop Duster"

  from Juked

EUGÈNE  SAVITZKAYA,   "In the Rediscovered Book"

  from Anomalous Press

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