MEREDITH  ALLING,   "Street Parenting"

  from Nailed

LAUREN  BECKER,   "One Week and a Day"

  from Tin House

DEMISTY  D.  BELLINGER,   "Tiger Free Days"

  from Whiskeypaper

CARRIE  CHAPPELL,   "And Another Thing About the Blue"

  from Juked

DAVID  COTRONE,   "All You Need to Know"

  from Monkeybicycle

LEESA  CROSS-SMITH,   "Ladies Love Outlaws"

  from Squalorly

JIM  RAY  DANIELS,   "Soul Sacrifice"

  from Fiction Southeast

SARAH  ROSE  ETTER,   "Wretcher"

  from Green Mountains Review

JANE  FLETT,   "Mermaids"

  from PANK

KATE  FOLK,   "Last First Date"

  from Dogzplot

KELLY  FORDON,   "A Small Bridge"

  from Matter Press

PHOEBE  GLICK,   "Beekeeping for the Apocalypse"

  from Housefire

PAUL  GRINER,   "Airport"

  from Split Lip Magazine

EVELYN  HAMPTON,   "The Slow Man"

  from Conjunctions

MARIA  HUMMER,   "He Took off His Skin for Me"

  from Devil's Lake

MEERA  JHALA,   "She Drinks Barium Sulfate Before Her CT Scan"

  from Dogzplot


  from Gigantic

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