LUCA  DIPIERRO,  "Inside a Cow It Must Be Dark"

  from Harp & Altar

JEN  GANN,   "Nighttime Penguins"

  from Annalemma

ROXANE  GAY,  "Boys in Drag"

  from Everyday Genius

GREG  GERKE,   "The Iron"

  from matchbook

TRACY  GONZALEZ,   "The Demonstration of Gravity"

  from Bluestem

BARRY  GRAHAM,   "13 Ways of Looking at a Roadtrip"

  from Everyday Genius

TINA  MAY  HALL,   "By the Gleam of Her Teeth, She Will Light the Path before Her"

  from The Collagist

JOANNA  HOWARD,   "Harvest Season"

  from JMWW


  from HTML Giant

STEPHEN  GRAHAM  JONES,   "Employment History"

  from Staccato

ROBERT  KLOSS,   "A Return to Silence"

  from Pindeldyboz

LEN  KUNTZ,   "Mockingbird"

  from Necessary Fiction

DARBY  LARSON,   "Phone by Darby Larson"

  from The Collagist

SARA  LIPPMANN,   "Father's Day"

  from LITnIMAGE

ROBERT  LOPEZ,   "The Idea"

  from The Brooklyn Rail

TOM  McCARTHY,   "Mermaid Figurine"

  from Significant Objects


  from Conjunctions

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