JAMES  TADD  ADCOX,   "The Gift Shop"

  from Kill Author

MATTHEW  BAKER,   "Newspapers"

  from Memorious

JENSEN  BEACH,   "Wyoming"

  from JMWW

MATT  BELL,   "Greyson, Griffin, Guillermo"

  from Fanzine

SARAH  BLACKMAN,   "A Terrible Thing"

  from Conjunctions

DANIEL  BORZUTZKY,   "The Book of Glass"

  from Lamination Colony

KAREN  BRENNAN,   "Collected Stories"

  from TriQuarterly

AARON  BURCH,   "Overcast"

  from Booth

BLAKE  BUTLER,   "Utah Snow Globe"

  from Significant Objects

SARAH  SHUN-LIEN  BYNUM,   "These Are Mysteries"

  from Gulf Coast

AMINA  CAIN,   "The Maid"

  from Joyland

RYAN  CALL  and  CHRISTY  CALL,   "Snowstorm as Nostalgic Accumulation"

  from failbetter.com

SARAH  CARSON,   "Self-Portrait on Pop Rocks"

  from Diagram

JIMMY  CHEN,   "Everybody Loves Ramen"

  from Fanzine

WAGNER  ISRAEL  CILIO,   "Sleeping Cliffs"

  from Robot Melon

ELIZABETH  COLEN,   "Hell Is For Children"

  from Drunken Boat

THOMAS  COOPER,   "Scapegoat"

  from SmokeLong Quarterly

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