KUZHALI  MANICKAVEL,   "Everyone Does Integral Calculus"

  from Anderbo

PETER  MARKUS,   "The Moon Is a Star"

  from Necessary Fiction

DAVID  McLENDON,   "Penumbra"

  from Everyday Genius

LINCOLN  MICHEL,   "Consequences"

  from Opium

GREG  MULCAHY,   "Analogy of Film"

  from elimae

AMANDA  NAZARIO,   "Matt: How It Will Happen"

  from SmokeLong Quarterly

JENNIFER  PIERONI,   "The Cottage"

  from Guernica

PADGETT  POWELL,   "Cry for Help from France"

  from Subtropics

ALAN  ROSSI,   "Three Mississippi Fictions"

  from Hobart

GLENN  SHAHEEN,   "Scientist"

  from Diagram

TERESE  SVOBODA,   "Swanbit"

  from failbetter.com

LUKE  TENNIS,   "The Waiter"

  from The Catalonian Review

J.A.  TYLER,   "A Sinking"

  from elimae

JEFF  VANDE  ZANDE,   "Inside Job"

  from Necessary Fiction

KEVIN  WILSON,   "Excerpt from the Big Book of Forgotten Lunatics, Volume 1"

  from The Collagist

KEVIN  WILSON,   "The Moon's Face, Darkened"

  from Bull

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