STEPHANIE  BARBER,   "Mr. Calvin's Last Letter to Earline"

  from Lamination Colony

JENSEN  BEACH,   "Family"

  from Necessary Fiction

JENSEN  BEACH,   "We Cannot Cross the River"

  from Everyday Genius

MATT  BELL,   "Brother, There Is a Field"

  from NOÖ Journal

KATE  BLAKINGER,   "Living in Reverse"

  from The Vestal Review

WYATT  BONIKOWSKI,   "The Devil Called Satan Had Me for a Snack"

  from Action, Yes

KRISTINA  BORN,   "A Serial Killer"

  from Locus Novus

NICHOLAS  BROWN,   "The New Toothbrush"

  from matchbook

RANDALL  BROWN,   "It Doesn't"

  from Quick Fiction

AARON  BURCH,   "Overcast"

  from Memorious

BLAKE  BUTLER,   "We Did Division in a Concrete Room"

  from Everyday Genius

DAN  CHAON,   "The Hobblers"

  from SmokeLong Quarterly

JIMMY  CHEN,   "A Brief Autobiography of Palindromes"

  from Thieves Jargon

JOSHUA  COHEN,   "Identical City"

  from Fanzine

NANCY  CONGER,   "Teeth and Whiteness"

  from Opium

DENNIS  COOPER,   "Graduate Seminar"

  from Fifty-Two Stories


  from SmokeLong Quarterly

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