I'm going to plug this thing now—before I get started, before I even put to myself the question of how to start:


Maybe at some point during the past year you've put in an order with one of the independent publishers that are part of the Stamp Story project, and maybe you've found in the pages a small 'stamped' text, with an author's name alongside.
Probably you then read it. Probably your feeling then ran in the range of curiosity to delight.

I was delighted. The texts themselves were great, and they carried with them a larger idea of connection—between people, between enterprises.


In the current posting of Wigleaf—a rare 'issue,' of the old-school sort—J.A. Tyler and I offer thirteen original stamp stories by some of the writers who are featured in the [C.] anthology. I will now—just for fun—type the names of these writers. I don't need to; you can read them right there on the page. But I want to: these writers are so, so good. They're able, within these tiny frames, to really open things up. They give some fantastic performances….

(now typing….)

Michael Bible, Shome Dasgupta, Claire Donato, Kathy Fish, Rachel B. Glaser, Amanda Goldblatt, Tim Horvath, Joanna Howard, Adam Peterson, Joanna Ruocco, Ben Segal, Gregory Sherl, Terese Svoboda.

Once more, maybe?


Scott Garson

Scott Garson edits Wigleaf.

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