A Warm Motherly Look
Robert Lopez

My sister smothered the baby to keep it quiet because everyone had paid good money to hear the guest speaker. What I'm saying is it was not premeditated or malicious. Now, it is true that it wasn't my sister's baby. My sister doesn't have any children herself, but does have a warm and motherly look about her. One assumes this is why she was entrusted with the baby once the lecture began. It's also true we don't know who the parents were or how the baby came to be in the lecture hall. Some speculated it was the guest speaker's baby and this could well be true. The guest speaker seemed upset when my sister smothered the baby, though it was for her own benefit and of those in her audience. I was there to do the sound and lights, which had been my job for the last two years. As for my sister, I know she'd love to be a mother, but is old-fashioned and reluctant to have a child out of wedlock.   


Robert Lopez is the author of two collections of stories and three novels, the most recent of which is ALL BACK FULL.

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