DOUG  O'CONNOR,   "Understanding the Family Language"

  from Paper Darts

ALI  RACHEL  PEARL,   "The Town of Milkcarton Kids"

  from Redivider

JUSTIN  REED,   "Icarus Is a Black Man"

  from Gone Lawn

WILLIAM  REICHARD,   "New Hampshire Girl, 11, Vanishes"

  from The Conium Review

KATHLEEN  ROONEY,   "Le Retour de Flamme"

  from Necessary Fiction

GLENN  SHAHEEN,   "Historical Society"

  from The Collagist

ERIC  SHATTUCK,   "The Ghosts You Meet in Maricopa"

  from The Molotov Cocktail

RICHARD  SIKEN,   "The Field of Rooms and Halls"

  from Gulf Coast

SJ  SINDU,   "I Like to Imagine Daisy from Mrs. Dalloway as an Indian Woman"

  from apt

REBEKA  SINGER,   "Cracked Open Letter"

  from Dogzplot

LAURIE  STONE,   "Window"

  from The Collagist

CATHY  ULRICH,   "When the Children Return"

  from Jellyfish Review

KARA  VERNOR,   "The Sex Ed Lady"

  from Green Mountains Review

RAVI  VENKATARAMAN,   "The Electrician"

  from Literary Orphans


  from Corium Magazine

BESS  WINTER,   "Machines of Another Era"

  from Story

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