Salisbury Beach Pizza Time Machine
Georgia Bellas

Pop a Debbie Gibson cassette tape in your boombox and press play. Pull a doorknob off to use as microphone and lip-synch until you hear your father yelling TURN THAT MUSIC DOWN. Drive to a beachside arcade strip with pizza & fried dough & freshly squeezed lemonade signs competing for attention — make sure you haven't eaten in hours — and choose the pizza joint with the longest line. Order a slice. Go play as many games of Skee ball as there are quarters in your pocket while you wait. Turn your armful of tickets in for one candy necklace, one Chinese finger trap, a mood ring, and two plastic Army men. Retrieve your slice from the pick-up window. Eat on a bench or while leaning against a lamppost next to a trash can. Breathe in the salt air. Flap your arms to chase away the seagulls. Wipe the sauce off your chin. You can go back for a second piece but it won't taste as good as the first.

Georgia Bellas has work in or coming from Split Lip, WhiskeyPaper, People Holding and others.

Detail of photo on main page courtesy of John R. Bennett.

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