Memoir of a Blue Orphan Girl
Naomi Washer

She was born blue, her breath constricted, so her body adapted to breathe a different way.

She washed and scrubbed herself with orange peels and ate the seeds and planted the slices and they grew into a magic carousel that took her up and up into the air.

She was a blue orphan girl who couldn't breathe the normal way and smelled of freshly scrubbed oranges.

She danced in an underwater world with a species of humans who couldn't speak, could only breathe more heavily than she had ever seen before. Their breath lifted them up and turned them around and sunk them down. They liked her because she was little and blue and they tried to pull her down deeper into their underwater world to dance, promising that she would learn to breathe the way they did down there, but she didn't want to breathe that way, that wasn't what she wanted at all.

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