Chris Garson

You may have forgotten that this is your life, laid the fact aside one afternoon to take a nap and overslept by a quarter-century or so. You wake to find scraps of your map of the world dispersed. The wind trapped inside your apartment, swirling madly around in the kitchen and bursting into the living room, where you sit blinking on the couch. Stepping outside, you inadvertently set it free, which gives the Earth a good laugh. And now, realization: you're not looking too good as you stand there checking the pockets of your bathrobe for a smoke. A piece of Africa goes flying by. Part of the Arctic Ocean is snarled in your hair.

Chris Garson spent much of his life in Iowa City, where he worked in the testing industry. Some of his poems and stories have been published posthumously, in places like Hobart, FRiGG, Corium, and Chicago's MAKE magazine. Some of his recordings have also been circulated. This song was generally a favorite when he played in bars.

Detail of art on main page by Chris Garson.

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