Dear Wigleaf,

This is not the end. I promise you. Don't despair. Even if gunners and bombers took over the streets, that too would pass. It will happen again. And it will pass. Yes, you may speak about love. No, don't feel guilty if the Beatles' "Good day, sunshine" plays in your head. By the way, why do you send your mind so far back for music? Remember the sixties? Of course you don't. It happened then too, you know. And it passed.
This year has been one of the fastest years ever, and I don't expect time to slow down any time soon. I don't rush if I don't have to. I will hurry for love. Of course, feel free to remember your own.

I sit on the porch now, by the way, in front of the Queen of the Night. The fragrant white flowers are in full bloom for the third day now. They are supposed to bloom only one day a year, but I have a lot of hope for tomorrow. 

Take heart.



- - -

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