Lydia Dresses for Zumba
Kirby Johnson

Lydia digs through her underwear drawer to find the most supportive bra she owns. She decides on her middle school sports bra that is a size too small for her current breasts but still fits around her frame. She squeezes the bra over her head and shoulders and hears a few of the threads in the lower seam snap and resign into the weave of the fabric. She looks out through the blinds of her window, pant-less, and dances what she believes are two salsa Zumba steps while pumping both arms and fists to insure the security of her chest. A small deer, what Lydia believes is a fawn, watches her dance through the window and gives her a smile before running into the line of trees that border the yard. Lydia watches the deer and hopes that with the help of Zumba she too can have an ass that frolics like that.

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