Dear Wigleaf,

Actually, I don't need you to respond. I can find out myself, in your apartment. The metal cap peeled from a yogurt cup in the first layer of trash means you've eaten yogurt recently. Three pairs of good shoes by the closet door signal that you might want to go dancing. A cell phone charger still plugged into the wall, that you left in a hurry. The torn-up credit card offer means you have everything you need.

On my visits, I will look for the slightest changes, the migration of objects, things left out of place. It's simple detective work. Shampoo, toner, canola oil: I will check the levels of everything.

I will make sure not to disturb what you leave behind. I will not molest your possessions or pocket any souvenirs. It's not about that. I just want to know how you are.

- - -

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