Dear Wigleaf,

Don't disappoint us again. What have you been into? Don't make fun of Nini's hearing--someday you will be old and gross and who will love you if you aren't pure of heart. Empty the dishwasher and don't let your father hear the clanking of plates. Hitchhike only if you want to become dead like your friend Lisa. Don't even look at that boy across the street. His hair all tied in ropy braids, he reeks of smoke and deception. Why can't you be more like your sister? Stop picking at your face, you'll leave marks. In Heaven, boys and girls listen to their parents and don't slouch. Don't drive in convertibles unless you are a whore. Wash your hands after. If you don't clean your sheets, bed bugs will peck away at your flesh. Here's a picture, see? Don't dress like Lisa. For hard-boiled eggs: full boil, 13 minutes simmer, and bathe in ice. I'm not here to be your friend. Love will not put steak on the table. Why do you always look like this? Don't disturb your father, you know how he gets. You have orange dust on your fingers, is that from drugs. You look like a rag doll with your hair like that. You don't have to like me, but you have to respect me. Who ate the last fritter, was it you? If you want to be like your dead friend, Lisa, you are well on your way. You were the cutest baby. Everybody said, She's an angel, the sweetest little thing. Whatever happened to you and us? Make it stop. Sincerely yours and Always, Love.

- - -

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