Mambo Wigleaf,

It's me. Michael Don. We used to live together with that guy Merlin. Do you remember sophomore year? I know it was a long time ago, truly another era in our lives. Funny how we subscribed to Newsweek under the name Reverend Lawrence Tilwater. I guess it was important we amused ourselves.

I'm writing from Nairobi, the Green City Under the Sun. I live on the seventh floor, but it's labeled the sixth floor—this is good to know in case you come visit. The building is called Pangani Heights. It's near Thika Highway and Pangani Shopping Center. You will see a man selling mangos from a wheel barrel next to a duka crammed with chickens who are very much alive. We have Wi-Fi and ample parking and two spare mattresses. The water pressure is above average. From our balcony there's a stunning view of the Nairobi skyline and Karura forest lush with lavender flowered jacaranda trees. If you would like to see monkeys we can stroll over to City Park. Do you still like monkeys? No need to bring your birdnoculars, plenty of hawks and marabou storks on which you can feast your naked eyes.

I'm sorry we've been so estranged. I can't help but feel it's my fault, though if you really think about it, it's just as much your fault.

Please consider a visit soon.


Michael Lawrence Tilwater

- - -

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