DELANEY  NOLAN,   "How I Gonna Bare My Neck Outside in the Sweat-Scared Morning"

  from Guernica

ETHEL  ROHAN,   "I Love You!"

  from Hobart

JOSEPHINE  ROWE,   "Dixieland"

  from The Iowa Review

DANI  SANDAL,   "Maria in Drag"

  from PANK

GREG  SCHREUR,   "Syncategoremata"

  from > kill author

RION  AMILCAR  SCOTT,   "Chester A. Arthur"

  from Melville House

GLENN  SHAHEEN,   "Enola Gay"

  from Word Riot

MATTHEW  SIMMONS,   "Gerald Ford"

  from Melville House

R.T.  SMITH,   "Col. Othniel Sweet's Mysteries of Nature, #11 (blackbirds)"

  from Blackbird


  from PANK

BECKY  TUCH,   "Luc Bustomanta"

  from Hobart

AUTUMN  WATTS,   "The Cities of Animals"

  from Guernica

BRANDI  WELLS,   "Giant Mutant Kittens"

  from Bluestem

A.  WERNER,   "Mars"

  from NANO Fiction

JOHN  SIBLEY  WILLIAMS,   "The Speed of Progress"

  from Corium

JOSEPHINE  YU,   "A Fable from the Palm-Leaf Manuscript"

  from Juked

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