D Earwig Leaf,

Remember about six months ago? We had that discussion about the value of reverse causation? I concluded a killer argument saying it would be interesting to rewrite Anna Karenina note for note but — recall? — starting with the final paragraph and working backwards a paragraph at a time. I insisted, insisted, insisted it would, if not exactly reveal some fresh insight, at least prompt some unique thought, and at the very minimum it would still make a good story.

Do you remember you saying it would take absolutely ages to rewrite Anna Karenina like that, and it would only end up being a complete waste of time? You said that, for starters, the train station scene would be downright bizarre at best. You finished your beer and told me if I had any sense I'd spend my time a little more wisely, and you went to bed and left me on the porch alone, with the end of a bag of coke and the old typewriter.

Six months later, turns out you were right. Nothing to show for it bar an aversion to typewriters. Lesson learned, eh?

Since Rely,

Christopher James

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