from Waccamaw

STEVE  ALMOND,   "Jeff Keith, Lead Singer of Tesla, Considers Youth"

  from Imaginary Oklahoma

AIMEE  BENDER,   "Winter"

  from Fiction Southeast

VENITA  BLACKBURN,   "In the Middle of Everything There Are Ribbons of Light"

  from Devil's Lake

MEAGAN  CASS,   "Egg Toss, August 1989"

  from SmokeLong Quarterly

MENSAH  DEMARY,   "Stark County"

  from Used Furniture Review

JAMES  DUNHAM,   "In Winter"

  from Necessary Fiction

STUART  DYBEK,   "Inland Sea"

  from The Literarian

NICOLLE  ELIZABETH,   "The Four Horsemen"

  from Night Train

SARAH  ROSE  ETTER,   "Stolen Fat Baby"

  from Monkeybicycle

ASHLEY  FARMER,   "Where Everyone Is a Star"

  from The Collagist

SHERRIE  FLICK,   "Gravity"

  from Booth

RACHEL  B.  GLASER,   "The Chemical Mist"

  from Route 9


  from Abjective

KIM  GÖRANSSON,   "Dark Love"

  from Dogzplot

AMELIA  GRAY,   "Device"

  from Dear Navigator

RYAN  GRIFFITH,   "Thrill of Fire"

  from Night Train

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