The Choking Game
Meghan Lamb

Insect Vs Spider
We take turns playing insect versus spider. Right now I am the spider. Your cock is the insect. I suck at the blood. Then the blood becomes nectar. Then you are the spider again. The television drones blue words like fibers of raw silk.

You pull out, I push back in. You push back. Then I release. The television says it was a murder suicide. You are coming through the static. You are coming through the static. Then you tell me that you need it, that you need it. Then your cock is like the spider. Then your come becomes its web and then your cock is webbing threads of shelter through me.

Good Boy Vs Good Girl

Don't stand there with your shirttails half un-tucked. Don't stare at me like I know where to put you. With your trembling chin, your timid mouth, your breaths unfurling, unaware you're causing a commotion in yourself.

If I put you in a coffin, you will break it. If I put you in a dress, you'll shiver through the seams. If I put words in your mouth for just a moment, just to test their taste, you'll grind their textures deep into your teeth.

Us Vs Them

You don't know this, but you never learned how to talk like a human. For your whole life, whenever you've opened your mouth, you've released only gurgles and shrieks. When we first met, I was frightened by your sounds. I tried to talk around them, like, oh yeah, okay, that's nice. My words jerked into laughter like a lawnmower. Your eyes looked back like two blue clueless dandelions.

But you were so insistent that we speak to one another. You'd pin my wrists into the wall and whisper babble at me. You would mumble as your legs pressed into mine. You turned my wrists like doorknobs, back and forth, and back, and forth.

One day, all your voices combined in a sound that I wanted to think was my name. I repeated the sounds, and you smiled and mimicked them for me. Since then, my name is all you've ever said to me. I pretend to myself that it's all that I've wanted to hear.

Meghan Lamb lives in Chicago and edits Red Lightbulbs. Her first novel, SILK FLOWERS, is forthcoming from Aqueous Books in 2013.

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