Dear Wigleaf:

I came across your name in an International Business Directory. Out of many names, I settled on yours because to its uprightness and many recommendations, and because to these and others, I have a serious and sincere matter of you.

I am oldest son to a wealthy king, who passed away on 7 June 2011. Before he died he called on me to his death bed and told me off an account that he stored $100,000,000 US dollars.

My siblings and I are on run and are seek sanctuary with friends. I am contacting you out of respect for my father, who ask me to find a God-fearing American to entrust with these funds.

Please respond to this letter with your bank account number and personal information. For your help and cooperation, I will to give you 5% of total sum.

Kindest regards,

Francisco Delgado

- - -

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