Dear Wigleaf,

I'm at the library, working. When was the last time you went to a library? I like it here. I like that it's a place that I can go to get some writing done and I don't have to spend money or end up getting overcaffeinated like when I go to the café to work. Though I like going to the café, too. It's good to mix it up, I've found. I also like that I can check out books and read them for free, though I rarely do. I can also get up and walk around whenever I want to take a break, and read a paragraph here, a page there. Right now, the book that is most visible from where I'm sitting is a children's book, My Friend Has Down Syndrome. A couple of shelves away is Slow Death by Rubber Duck (not a children's book). Yesterday I came to the library and it was Storytime and I had to park two-and-a-half blocks away. Today there was no Storytime, or any other special events, and I parked right by the door.

Don't most people write something like "wish you were here" in postcards? Maybe one of these days, you could come with? Or meet me here? We could sit and work across the table from one another, pass notes, occasionally look up and ask "What?" and the other can answer "Oh, nothing."



- - -

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