Dear Wigleaf,

I like how we sit in a room together and say absolutely nothing. I can project onto you whatever I want, and I choose to believe that you understand me completely.

Let's not ever ruin what we have by talking. I don't even want to know what your voice sounds like. I've made up a pretty good voice for you in my head, and if I heard the real thing I'd probably just be disappointed.

Let's not ever look at each other, either. Maybe we can touch each other's face with blind eyes, like that girl in the Lionel Ritchie video, but no more than that, please—and only if you have good skin.

I'd prefer not to know what you smell like, actually. Smell brings too many associations. I don't want to pollute the purity of our connection by adding multiple dimensions.

I love you, Wigleaf, just the way you are.


- - -


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