Dear Wigleaf:

I am in a bedroom in a house in San Diego where my parents live. The bedspread is ugly but the pillows are good.

I never lived in this house. There are things of mine here. Some books, a purse, an aggressively shoulder-padded shirt from the 90s. My mom. My dad.

A dog who has been here a long time. A new dog. A dog gone. I've looked for him a few times. I don't want to hold it against the new dog. She is sweet. I won't love her.

There is a swimming pool here. It rained today. My dad said yesterday was beautiful.

Tomorrow will rain again. I will swim in the pool. Water on water leaves a person the same amount of wet. I leave for home in two and a half days.

Bring your swimsuit. We'll do cannonballs off the side.



- - -

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