Dirty Dishes
Craig Buchner

He said, maybe we can make an effort to dirty fewer dishes. She said, we? He said, on the day to day. She said, I haven't noticed. He said, maybe if you were around more. She said, I'm hardly ever home. He said, doesn't that bother you? She said, this morning my horoscope said, a good friend or counselor would listen to my emotional issues. He said, don't change the subject. She said, we'll make an effort to dirty fewer dishes. He said, you will. She said, I don't believe in horoscopes. He said, I'm not talking about horoscopes. She said, me neither. He said, so this is how it ends? She said, that's what I've been trying to tell you.

Craig Buchner has stories in or coming from Spork, Puerto del Sol, Fugue and others.

Detail of art on main page courtesy of Amir Rezai.

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